"It's a signal that this will be the final chapter for a society that recognizes the worth of all human beings, acknowledges the right of all human beings to live as they wish, love who they will and be able to enjoy the multiple benefits that come from being involved with committed relationships and legal marriages."

The court ruled that the federal government had no right to define marriage, an issue that has been almost exclusively left to the states. DOMA prevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages.

"The federal statute is invalid, for no legitimate purpose overcomes the purpose and effect to disparage and to injure those whom the State, by its marriage laws, sought to protect in personhood and dignity," Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote in the majority.

The Court also declined to intervene in a lower court ruling that struck down California's gay marriage ban.

"Once it is no longer legal to discriminate, we're truly in the home stretch to the type of society we want," Blumenauer said. "The path forward is a little more clear, and it's going to be a little easier."