"Perhaps the most telling sign of the incomplete state of the Benghazi investigation is the fact that not one of the survivors of the Benghazi attacks — from the consulate or the annex — have publicly testified before Congress," he said. "Despite nearly a full year of multiple committee investigations, not one witness has been brought before a committee to publicly testify under oath about what happened that night."

But Wolf also indicated that Congress has not been forceful enough in seeking answers about the attack.

"I can't help but ask why the Congress has not asked, or subpoenaed, these individuals to testify before House committees that have been investigating over the past year?" he asked. "Would the Congress, and the American people, benefit from hearing their public testimony?"

Wolf said recent accounts of the attack show that it was coordinated event, not a spontaneous protest as the Obama administration first claimed. He said a book excerpt that was printed in Vanity Fair indicates the attackers had knowledge of the U.S. diplomatic annex, and that their vehicles flew the "black flag of jihad."

He cited a second book deal worth $3 million, which involved a book to be written by four security contractors, and asked if any of the money raised from that deal would be given to the surviving families.

Wolf said, in addition, to regular floor speeches, he would send a series of letters to the State and Defense departments, as well as the CIA asking again for full responses to questions about the attack.