GOP lawmaker says delaying insurance mandates a step toward ObamaCare repeal

Conaway spoke just hours before the House was preparing to pass two bills, one of which would give congressional authorization to the Obama administration's July 2 decision to delay the employer health insurance mandate for one year. The other would provide for a one-year delay to the ObamaCare requirement that individuals buy health insurance.

President Obama has threatened to veto both bills. But Conaway said the administration's delay of the employer insurance mandate shows that even Obama recognizes that the law is not working, and hurting job creation.

"It's no surprise to me that the administration has delayed the implementation of the employer mandate," he said. "Just as every honest observer said it would, ObamaCare is costing Americans full-time jobs and hourly wages as employers prepare to comply with the new mandate spawned by this law.

"For once we agree with the president — this law cannot be implemented without significantly harming our economy."

Conaway said he does not believe the law will ever be ready to be implemented, and said he would continue to push for a repeal of the entire law. Barring that, he said he and others would likely push for continued delays of the employer and individual insurance mandates.

Conaway also stressed that individuals should be given the same delay that companies get. "I don't believe it's appropriate to protect one half of America from ObamaCare, but not the other half," he said.

Those comments mirror those made by House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) on Tuesday, when he accused Obama of helping businesses with the delay, but not average American families.

"That's why we'll vote tomorrow to make sure that families and individuals get the same break from ObamaCare that the president wants for big businesses," Boehner said.

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