Cantor's charter school amendment added to education bill

Other amendments disposed of in the last round of amendment voting were from:

— John Culberson (R-Texas), giving states the right to accept or reject federal money, and using non-accepted money to reduce the national debt. Passed 227-196.

— Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.), blocking federal funds to educational agencies that transfer employees engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor. Accepted in voice vote.

Sheila Jackson LeeSheila Jackson-LeeDemocrats vote to overhaul superdelegate system Dems vote down push to abolish superdelegates Dem posts photo of racially diverse interns after Ryan selfie controversy MORE (D-Texas), requiring a report offering recommendations on the advisability of closing schools over the opposition of locally elected school boards. Failed 186-237.

— George Miller (D-Calif.), containing a Democratic substitute that includes language ensuring that states spend minimum funding on at-risk students, and maintains some federal control over state education policy in the area of civil rights and equity and school accountability. Failed 193-233.

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