"That is why I was surprised to hear comments made by Gen. Ham at the Aspen Security Forum last week, where he spoke freely — freely — about the U.S. response to the attack," Wolf said on the House floor.

"Does it bother any of my colleagues that Gen. Ham can publicly speak about the military's response at a forum in Aspen, Colorado, where the tickets were $1,200?" he asked. "The American people should not have to pay $1,200. And yet his testimony before Congress was behind closed doors."

CNN's report on Ham's comments said he realized "pretty quickly" that the attack was not the result of a spontaneous demonstration, contrary to the Obama administration's early description of the event. That report also said that while Ham had the authority to order a military jet in response to the attack, Ham said there was "not a clear purpose in doing so" and that it was a "very uncertain situation."

"It was a very uncertain situation, indeed," Wolf said. "Uncertain as to whether the terrorists held our ambassador as hostage, uncertain as to whether the terrorists would target the annex, as they did, uncertain as to whether this situation would last hours, days, weeks or months or years."

Wolf asked why it took seven hours before the U.S. Africa Command, which Ham led, ordered a plane in response to the attacks and why no further air support was ordered.

Wolf has been pressing for more detailed responses about Benghazi from the Obama administration before Congress leaves for its August break. Wolf has noted on the House floor that when Congress returns in September, it will have been nearly a year since the Sept. 11, 2012, attack.