After amendments are done, members will vote on final passage of the bill.

Then it's on to the Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act, H.R. 2009, which would prohibit the IRS from enforcing any part of the 2010 healthcare law known as ObamaCare.

This bill is the centerpiece of the GOP's "stop government abuse" agenda this week, and is a reaction to GOP complaints about the politicization of the IRS under the Obama administration. But while the bill should pass the House, the Senate will not consider it, and the White House has said President Obama would veto the bill.

Once this bill is done, the House will try in the early afternoon to adjourn for the August break. But members of both parties have said the House should not leave given unfinished work on 2014 spending bills, immigration, the farm bill and the budget.

If members force a vote on adjourning for the break, the vote could easily be against adjourning, which would set up pro forma sessions throughout August.

But like last year, members might decide after a few days to adjourn anyway. Here's a review of how it went down last year.

The Senate is already out and has passed an adjournment resolution for August.