The four-hour hearing, originally scheduled for July, will hear testimony from Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne (R) and State Representative Brenda Barton (R). "Representatives from Tea Party groups, industry associations and businesses will testify as well," according to an announcement on the hearing.

"The hearing will be for purposes of taking testimony from constituents in regards to problems or concerns they have with the IRS or the EPA," it added.

Republicans have criticized the IRS since it revealed that it was slow-walking tax-exempt applications filed by conservative groups, while the EPA's environmental regulations have made it a longstanding target of the GOP. The hearing will focus specifically on what Republicans say are excessive EPA rules affecting a coal-fired plant in Arizona called the Navajo Generating Station.

Just before leaving for the August break, the House passed several bills aimed at reining in the IRS, including one that would prevent the IRS from enforcing ObamaCare. Two other bills were aimed at slowing down regulations from the EPA and other federal agencies.