"I wanted to take a few minutes to dispel those rumors, and tell you a little bit about the work I will actually be doing during the August district work period," he said. "Let me first assure you that while my time at home in Nevada is enjoyable, most weeks it is anything but vacation."

Heck said he checks in with his district staff every day to make sure they are on top of casework dealing with constituents, and says he meets with constituents on most days.

"It is very important to meet with constituents because their thoughts on the critical issues of the day help shape my thinking when considering legislation back in Washington," he said.

He also said he visits schools, nonprofits, senior centers and companies while back in his district.

"Local business tours allow me to hear directly from the owners and employees about the economic climate in our communities," he said. "That insight helps me to continue to work in Washington, setting the conditions for the private sector to thrive and create jobs."

Heck said he is also keeping in touch with his Washington, D.C., staff to get ready for a busy September, when members will have to deal with spending, debt and immigration. But he encouraged Nevadans to get in touch with him before he returns to D.C.

"I hope to see you around the district while I'm in town, and feel free to call for a meeting," he said.