"Although many members of Congress don't like it, the text of ObamaCare makes members share the same fate as the millions of Americans who will see their employer-based health insurance arrangements upended due to this ill-conceived law," DeSantis said Monday.

"The Obama administration cannot override the law and grant special subsidies to members of Congress and their staffs. It is also patently unfair — and contrary to our founding principles — to grant special relief to members of the governing class while leaving the rest of America to bear the costs."

DeSantis said earlier this month that the decision on subsidies makes members and their staff part of a "ruling class with different sets of rules."

The administration's decision to maintain healthcare subsidies for Congress set off a flurry of conservative criticism that President Obama was exempting members from the costs of ObamaCare that millions of others will face.

But supporters of the decision said the insurance exchanges were meant for people who cannot get insurance through a job and that Republicans insisted on language requiring Congress to use the exchanges. However, they said the law does not include language about the ability of the government to continue subsidizing their insurance, which is why the Obama administration issued a proposed rule saying the subsidies would continue.