"Because NPS failed to obtain public comment before planting the trees in President's Park, which has directly interfered with public use of the field, and because no further information was given to the community about the trees at the July 9 public meeting, I ask that you propose an alternative site where my constituents can hold their recreational activities," she wrote in a letter sent last week. Holmes's website described the letter in a Tuesday post.

"I also ask that you send me any future plans that NPS or the Secret Service has for planting trees in Presidents' Park," she added. "I ask for a response in 30 days."

Holmes said participants in the meeting felt they were not able to raise questions about the planting of trees, and that the matter was therefore "not discussed to the residents' satisfaction" in July.

A report in the Washington City Paper says Norton is not handing out the letter because it contains "sensitive information," presumably relating to Secret Service concerns about how the park is used.

The Ellipse is due south of the White House and just north of the Washington Monument.