GOP bill declares Ft. Hood shooting an act of terrorism, not workplace violence

Hasan was sentenced to death last week for the shooting rampage.

Supporters of the Honoring the Fort Hood Heroes Act argue that declaring the shooting an act of terrorism is needed to get victims of the attack federal aid. They also argue that this change of designation is warranted.

"This was not a disgruntled employee taking his anger out on coworkers, as the administration would have you believe by labeling this an act of workplace violence," said Rep. Roger WilliamsRoger WilliamsLawmakers suggest Wells Fargo chief should face criminal charges NY rep swipes at Kaepernick after NYC bombing suspect caught Overnight Regulation: House bill to block Obama regs advances MORE (R-Texas), one of the bill's sponsors. "No, this was a terrorist attack meant to harm and kill U.S. soldiers who defend freedom and liberty for all Americans.

"Because the President has placed more importance on political correctness than upholding his promise to take care of the victims, the victims have been neglected."

"We cannot continue allowing the Obama Administration to turn its back on these men and women by failing to admit this was indeed a terrorist attack on American soil," added Rep. John Carter (R-Texas), another sponsor. "If the administration had properly labeled and managed the Fort Hood shooting from the beginning, this legislation would not be required."

The legislation, which Sen. John CornynJohn CornynReport: Investor visa program mainly funds wealthy areas GOP senators avoid Trump questions on rigged election Conservatives backing Trump keep focus on Supreme Court MORE (R-Texas) will sponsor in the Senate, would declare that the attack took place in a zone of combat, and that it was a terrorist attack. That will allow federal benefits to flow to the victims, including combat-related compensation, tax breaks, special pay for being under fire or in imminent danger and combat-related injury rehabilitation pay.

The bill also requires the awarding of the Purple Heart to soldiers killed or wounded in the attack and the Defense of Freedom award to civilians who were killed or wounded.