Amash finding nearly zero support for Syria attack in Michigan

"After stop 5 of 11, I'm not sure how any Member of Congress could support military action in #Syria," he tweeted. "Never witnessed something so unpopular."

Amash met constituents in a couple of coffee shops, a Burger King, and a diner on Tuesday while the Senate Foreign Relations Committee was holding a hearing on getting congressional approval for an attack. The Obama administration is known to face an uphill climb for winning that approval, and many members made it clear early this week that they still want to see more evidence that an attack is in the national interest of the United States.

Amash reported oversized crowds in Michigan during his first day of talking to people about Syria.

"So many ppl at 3rd stop of 11 that we had to move to parking lot," he tweeted earlier. "I can't recall issue this lopsided. Ppl do not support strikes in #Syria."

In earlier tweets, he warned House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) that he is hearing "almost unanimous opposition" to military strikes. Earlier today, Boehner said he would support the administration's request.

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