Wilson did not mention other scandals, but the White House has been under pressure from Republicans to fire IRS workers for targeting conservative groups, and to rein in spying operations against U.S. citizens that many in both parties feel has gone too far. Other Republicans have been pushing for more progress in finding those responsible for last year's attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi.

Wilson, who famously said "You lie" to Obama during a 2009 joint session of Congress, said most of his constituents told him they oppose strikes against Syria during the August recess.

Rep. George Holding (R-N.C.) spoke after Wilson, and said he is even less persuaded to support a military strike against Syria after hearing from the Obama administration in classified briefings.

"After classified briefings and hearing directly from Secretaries [John] Kerry and [Chuck] Hagel, I am more skeptical than ever," he said on the House floor. "This administration has done nothing to convince me and the American people that they have a focused, effective plan for military action in Syria, or really any true plan at all.

"These strikes, like the administration's Middle East policy of the last four and a half years, lack coherence and fail to support a long-term strategy."

Holding added that the test of a good foreign policy is that it leads U.S. allies to trust the U.S. more, and instills fear in U.S. enemies. "President Obama has failed in this regard, and a military strike will fail to benefit the United States' broader strategy or international interest," he said.