"Well, it looks pretty idiotic around here today to have been driven into a fiscal cul-de-sac, risking government shutdown or default on the national debt," he said.

Like other Democrats, Blumenauer reiterated his call for Republicans to allow a vote on a continuing spending resolution for 2014. Republicans delayed a vote on a CR last week, after several Republicans said they wanted stronger language to defund ObamaCare.

Blumenauer also dared Republicans to call up their 2014 spending bills, noting that the GOP had to pull back one of those bills as well.

"You pulled them back, and wouldn't even allow a vote on them," he said.

The GOP yanked a transportation and housing spending bill over apparent opposition from Republicans who feared it cut too deeply.

Finally, Blumenauer said the GOP should allow a House-Senate conference on the budget. But Republicans have blocked a conference committee from forming, citing demands from Senate Democrats for tax increases.

Republicans are expected this week to announce their plans for pursuing a 2014 spending deal. GOP leaders have already said the House may be in next week to deal with spending.

But even after that problem is solved, Congress will be immediately faced with the question of whether and how to increase the debt ceiling. The Obama administration has said an increase will be needed by mid-October.