He said Americans need to "recognize that we're not here as part of a debate club, we're not here to read Green Eggs and Ham, like the circus that's going on over in the Senate right now, but that we're here to do our work and to pass measures to protect America's middle class."

"It is time for this institution to start focusing on what people really get up and worry about every single day, which is about jobs, the economy and the future of their families," he added.

At around 8 p.m. Tuesday, Cruz used his floor time to read "Green Eggs and Ham" as a bedtime story to his daughters who were watching on C-SPAN. The House gaveled in at noon just as Cruz finished his speech against ObamaCare that started early Tuesday afternoon.

The Senate is expected to vote at 1 p.m. on whether to end debate on a motion to proceed to the House-passed continuing spending bill. By Saturday, a vote would be due on proceeding to the bill, although the Senate may speed up that timetable and allow an earlier vote on proceeding.