Roughly 15 percent of House members weren't present for two votes Wednesday night, despite what has so far been a light workweek that didn't start until Wednesday afternoon.

The House held two votes Wednesday evening, both of which saw an excess of 60 members missing.

In the first vote, 63 members were missing, or about 14.5 percent of the House's 433 members. That vote happened without 29 Republican members and 34 Democrats.

In the second vote, 65 didn't show or 15 percent. The missing were almost evenly split — 33 Republicans and 32 Democrats didn't vote.

Some of the missing members may be extending their time back home in anticipation of working into the coming weekend on a 2014 spending bill. Weekend work seemed increasingly likely as the Senate moved slowly on a continuing resolution.

While it's rare to have more than 10 percent of the House missing for a vote, it happened in late July.

A list of members missing votes tonight can be seen here — tonight's votes were the 484th and 485th of the session.