That already had House Republicans thinking out loud about a one-week spending bill, to give Congress more time to sort everything out.

A key element of either plan is whether or how to fund ObamaCare. The Senate will likely need the week to pass a resolution that includes ObamaCare funding, but if it finishes, it would send it right back to a Republican-led House that is pushing to defund ObamaCare.

While everyone mulls it over, the House will work on a few bills today starting in the afternoon. The main one is H.R. 687, the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act.

This legislation would allow the government to exchange land with a mining company, Resolution Copper, so that company can develop a mine in Arizona in land that holds one of the largest untapped sources of copper in the entire world.

Expect Republicans to note the potential job impacts, while Democrats are likely to argue that the mine would have consequences for the environment.

Two other bills that were debated Wednesday will also get a vote today:

— H.R. 3095, requiring the federal government to go through a formal rule making process before requiring all truck drivers to be tested for obstructive sleep apnea, and

— H.R. 2600, clarifying that a law requiring disclosure related to inter-state land sales does not apply to condominium sales.

The Senate starts at 10 a.m., and is likely to continue debating the spending bill, and ObamaCare. However, the upper chamber did not appear to have any votes scheduled today.