The legislation is a rare point of bipartisanship in a week that is likely to hear more partisan divide over the possibility of a government shutdown. As the shutdown drama consumes Washington, House Republicans have managed to pass a few bills each week, and may be able to get to this one in the coming days.

The bill was offered in May by House Education & the Workforce Committee George Miller (D-Calif.), and is mostly co-sponsored by Democrats, although Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick (R-Pa.) joined as a co-sponsor this week.

While the bill says people convicted of certain crimes cannot work in schools, it does require states to provide an appeal process. However, it does not allow employees with criminal backgrounds to be employed at a school during the appeal.

The bill was referred to Miller's committee, but never acted on. However, Republicans are hoping to bring it up under a suspension of House rules, a sign the bill is not controversial and can be passed easily in the House.