Say Congress isn't quite ready to make a long-term spending commitment: A perfect solution is a low-end version of the Fiscal Sanity Act, H.R. 3247, which would fund the government for 30 days.

If Congress is feeling more flush, it could take an upscale model of the Fiscal Sanity Act out for a spin. Grayson's H.R. 3258 funds the government for a full 365 days.

Somewhere in the middle? Grayson offers 10 other models for the middle ground consumer. Version H.R. 3248 of the Fiscal Sanity Act funds the government for 60 days, H.R. 3249 funds it for 90 days, and so on until H.R. 3257, which funds the government for 330 days.

Congress is also in the market for a deal on the debt ceiling, and Grayson has offered 12 different models here as well. They would each eliminate the debt ceiling for a specified amount of time — in 30 day increments again, starting with H.R. 3259 and ending at H.R. 3270, the top-tier plan that eliminates the debt ceiling for a full year.

Despite his offer, the GOP-led Congress has not indicated it would consider any of them, and at least for now, is just looking.