Lamborn's Military and Federal Civilian Pay Act, H.R. 3271, would allow furloughed workers to keep receiving a paycheck even during the shutdown. He said this change is needed to help ensure workers don't experience any disruption in their checks as the shutdown lingers.

"Our federal workers aren't to blame for the government spending problem that has led to this shutdown," he said Monday. "They deserve their full pay, on time.

"With people depending on these paychecks to make ends meet each month, Congress must act quickly."

Lamborn's bill was introduced on the seventh day of the partial government shutdown. Today, the shutdown starts its second week, and there appears to be no end in sight.

The lack of a resolution is increasing the chances that the shutdown gets combined with the issue of how to raise the debt ceiling later in the month. While combining the two issues might make it easier for Republicans and Democrats to find some agreement, it would also mean at least another full week of the partial shutdown.