GOP leaders decided to add language ending subsidies for members of Congress, their staff, and senior administration officials who will have to buy insurance under the health insurance exchanges. An earlier House GOP version only applied to members of Congress and senior officials.

The bill funds the government through mid-December, instead of mid-January as the Senate has proposed. And, it ends the ability of the Treasury Department to impose "extraordinary measures" to avoid taking on new debt when it's up against the debt ceiling.

But Republicans abandoned a proposal that would have delayed implementation of the 2.3 percent tax on medical devices under ObamaCare. They also ditched language requiring tighter income verification rules for people receiving subsides to buy health insurance under the exchanges.

Republicans worked all Tuesday afternoon to find agreement on a bill that would have broad support across all GOP members.

The bill is an adjusted version of a pending Senate deal that would re-open the government through mid-January, extend the debt ceiling into February and tweak ObamaCare by delaying a tax on union members.