“Our generation can do better. My generation deserves better.”

Schriver said that under Obama’s administration his peers have experienced record unemployment and have been forced to move back in with their parents after graduating from college.

“Half of my generation didn't get up and go to a job this morning,” Schriver said. “Many of them, in fact 3 out of 10, graduated this year and moved back in with their parents.”

Schriver said GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney has a plan to get Americans back to work.

Young Republican Chairwoman Lisa Stickan agreed, adding that there is a "war on young people" from this administration.

"Gov. Mitt Romney has a plan to get this country back on track and the Young Republicans are excited," Stickan said. 

Obama has been heavily campaigning at college campuses across the country, trying to keep the support he got from that demographic in 2008.