Gov. Haley defends small businesses from President Obama's remarks

“So, President Obama, with all due respect, don't tell me that my parents didn't build their business.”

Throughout the evening Republicans used Obama's remark against him. In July, Obama told an audience, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen."

Republicans have devoted all of Tuesday to a theme — "We Built It" — that is meant to challenge Obama's assertion.

“Sadly, the hardest part of my job continues to be this federal government, this administration, this president,” Haley said. “As I said, my parents loved that when they came to America, if you worked hard, the only things that could stop you were the limits you placed on yourself. Unfortunately, these past few years, you can work hard, try to be as successful as possible, follow the rules, and President Barack ObamaBarack ObamaBuzz builds on Becerra’s future plans Green Party nominee escorted off debate premises Obama defends work on tribal issues MORE will do everything he can to stand in your way.”