Senate passes bill to protect Supreme Court Justices

The Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would provides police protection for Supreme Court Justices.

Through a unanimous consent agreement, the Senate passed H.R.2922, which extends through Dec. 29, 2019, the authority of the Supreme Court Police to protect, in any state, the Justices of the Supreme Court.


AFL-CIO president says Romney doesn't know hard work

President of one of the largest unions, Richard Trumka, said Mitt Romney "doesn’t know a thing about hard work."

“Last week Mitt Romney told us that he and his friend built America without any help from the rest of us,” Trumka, president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL–CIO) said Wednesday night at the Democratic convention. “Let me tell you, Mitt Romney doesn’t know a thing about hard work or responsibility. We’re the ones who built America.”


Celebrities sighted at the Democratic convention

C-SPAN cameras spotted several celebrities on the floor of the Democratic National Convention Tuesday evening in Charlotte, N.C.

Tony Shalhoub, star of the TV series, “Monk,” John Leguizamo and Wayne Knight, perhaps best known as “Seinfeld’s” nemesis Newman, were among those seen on camera.