The House Rules Committee will meet Wednesday to write a rule for two ObamaCare bills, including one that would require the Obama administration to report weekly on the implementation of ObamaCare.

The committee will set a rule for the Exchange Information Disclosure Act, H.R. 3362. That bill addresses GOP complaints about the lack of transparency from the administration on how the website is working, and how many people have enrolled in health insurance through the site.

In response, the bill requires updates on both issues every Monday, until March 2015.

Rules will also set a rule for the Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act, an unnumbered bill that would require officials to tell people whenever their personal data on the website has been compromised.

The House is expected to approve the rule for both bills on Thursday, allowing floor debate and passage on Friday.

The rule is also expected to cover H.R. 2279, the Reducing Excessive Deadline Obligations Act. That bill requires more federal cooperation with states on environmental matters, and requires federal facilities to meet state-level environmental rules.