In light of the last-minute decisions by House Republicans, today's House schedule has radically changed.

In early afternoon, members will debate a rule for a bill to restructure the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, and three suspension bills.

This was planned. However, one of these suspension bills would repeal the $6 billion cut to military pensions. GOP leaders originally had this as part of its debt-ceiling proposal, but it was scrapped from the measure Tuesday morning.

Sometime around 3 p.m., the House will vote on the rule and the three suspension bills.

Then, the House will debate the rule for the clean debt-limit extension. A vote on that rule should happen by 4:30 p.m. or so.

Finally, the House will debate the debt-limit bill, and vote on it sometime around 6:30 p.m. That vote will be the last vote of the week — the House had planned to be in Wednesday, but now there are no votes. Some of these scheduling changes happened in anticipation of heavy snow predicted in Washington, which threatens to delay efforts of members to return home Wednesday night.

As of shortly after noon, the House Rules Committee had not posted a copy of the clean debt-limit extension.

However, it did post a copy of the military pension bill. That bill will use the designation S. 25, a bill to convey federal land in Utah that has already passed the Senate.

The bill pays for the $6 billion restoration of pension benefits by extending sequester cuts to Medicare for one year, until 2024.

The bill also includes language setting up a transitional fund for reform of the sustainable growth rate for Medicare physician reimbursements. That same language was included in the GOP leaders' first debt ceiling proposal last night.

— This story was updated at 12:50 p.m.