The Senate starts at 2 p.m., and after speeches (prediction: Koch brothers for Reid and Kentucky basketball for McConnell), senators will hold a final passage vote on a bill to extend emergency unemployment benefits.

Senators will vote on the amended H.R. 3979, which offers a five-month extension of the benefits that expired in late December.

Passage is likely to be followed by increased Democratic calls for the House to consider the bill, although House Republicans remain cool to any extension.

The House is also in today, and will start off budget week with one bill to reform the budget process. That bill is H.R. 1871, the Baseline Reform Act, which is aimed at stopping the automatic inflation increases from year to year.

Three suspension bills are also up today, and any scheduled votes on them will happen at 6:30 p.m.:

— H.R. 3470, the Naval Vessel and Arms Export Control Amendments Act, authorizing the transfer of surplus ships to Mexico and Thailand.

— S. 404, the Green Mountain Lookout Heritage Protection Act, preserving an area of Washington state affected by last month's mudslide. The Senate passed this bill this week.

— H.R. 4323, the Debbie Smith Reauthorization Act, reauthorizing grants to states to conduct DNA analyses of samples collected from crime victims.