The Senate is expected to vote Wednesday night on two healthcare amendments to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorization bill, but is likely to delay consideration of other amendments to the FAA bill, possibly until next week. Senate aides said this is the current expectation, but cautioned that the Senate schedule is still very fluid and is subject to change.

Senate Republicans will get their vote on healthcare repeal tonight, although it is not expected to pass. Democrats are also putting up a "1099" repeal amendment as an alternative that is very similar to a Republican proposal. Both parties support the elimination of language in the healthcare law that requires small companies to report small goods and services transactions to the IRS.

Senate leaders and the chairman and ranking member of the Senate Commerce Committee are continuing to work on how to handle the several other amendments to the FAA bill. More than a dozen amendments had been filed as of yesterday, and more were filed today.

For example, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.) today filed an amendment that would require the Treasury Department to pay principal and interest on debt before making other payments, in the event that the current debt limit is reached. Many others have been filed that relate to the FAA authorization bill.

Aides said Senate leaders are likely to continue accepting amendments to the FAA bill this week before deciding which ones to put up for a vote.