After listening to Murkowski and asking a couple of questions, Reid explained that he had heard a piece about dog racing on NPR.

“They had a really, really good piece on public radio before the start of the race,” explained Reid. "I hesitate saying this because I know I will probably get in trouble, but this is a good reason why the House vote was bad today to defund public radio."

Reid continued, "The only radio station I can get during the daytime in Searchlight, Nevada is public radio."

The House on Thursday voted to cut federal funding for National Public Radio after two hours of debate in which Democrats accused Republicans of following through on a political grudge against NPR and Republicans insisted that Congress needs to cut spending by all means possible.

The Senate adjourned at 6:45 p.m. Thursday without finishing the Small Business Administration Authorization act. The Senate is slated to return Monday, March 28.