"I am disappointed that the president consulted with the United Nations and didn't seek resolution for the use of force from the Congress," Pence said on "The Cisco Cotto Show," a Chicago-based radio program. 

"President [Bush], both with regards to Afghanistan and Iraq, not only went to the United Nations but he also came to the Congress, requested and then was given a resolution authorizing the use of force,” said Pence. “President Obama failed to do that and I think that was improper." 

Pence said he supports the president’s decision to join a coalition enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya in order to prevent the "wanton slaughter of civilians that was taking place."

The U.S. launched more than 110 cruise missiles over the weekend against military installations and forces controlled by Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

“The firing of 100 or more cruise missiles, the majority of which were fired from the decks of U.S. naval vessels … represents a significant a deployment of U.S. military power, and I believe it would have been appropriate for the president to request authorization from the Congress to do that,” Pence said.