McCain: Violence at Mexican border still ‘incredibly high’

The U.S. is still not doing enough to safeguard its border with Mexico, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) told reporters Thursday.

“The violence level at the border is incredibly high, and we haven’t kept up with that,” McCain said in a news conference, according to the East Valley Tribune.

McCain admitted that border security has somewhat improved, but not enough in the face of rising violence in Mexico. McCain said he was disappointed by last week’s announcement that National Guard troops will leave the border by June and said more, not less, troops were needed there, according to the report.

McCain had just returned from a tour of the border areas in Douglas, Nogales and Yuma along with Arizona GOP Congressmen Jeff Flake, David Schweikert, Paul Gosar and Ben Quayle. The tour included a meeting with the widow and brother of Robert Krentz, a rancher slain last year near the border.

McCain said he would reintroduce his 10-point border security plan later this year, which would add troops to the border, enhance the ability of the government to prosecute those who illegally cross the border, and construct a security fence.

“After the border is secure and we can assure our citizens of that, we will be fully prepared to move forward with comprehensive immigration reform,” said McCain.

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