“This is a big win for small business and, more importantly, I hope it’s the first of many successful repeal votes related to the disastrous healthcare bill passed by Democrats last year,” McConnell said ahead of an expected Tuesday vote on the 1099 provision.

“The more Americans learn about this bill, the less they like it,” continued McConnell. “We hope we can respond to their concerns with many repeal votes like the one we are going to have today in Congress.”

The Senate will be voting on a measure to remove the requirement in the healthcare law that companies report all goods and services transactions valued at more than $600 to the IRS.

Republicans, Democrats and the White House have said they support repealing this language, which would raise $19 billion over 10 years and was included to help pay for the healthcare law.

On March 3, the House easily passed the repeal in a 314-112 vote. Every Republican and 76 Democrats supported the bill.

McConnell said the rule has imposed a burden on small businesses.

“As I traveled across the state of Kentucky I heard countless small business owners who told me how burdensome the so-called 1099 provision in Democrats’ healthcare bill would be to implement and how it would hamper their ability to create good private-sector jobs,” said McConnell.

“I hope they are tuning in to the Senate floor today so they can watch the vote on its repeal,” he said.