Senators are still arguing over amendments to the Small Business Administration (SBA) bill, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Wednesday morning.

“Some in the Senate won’t allow an agreement on other amendments unless they get their amendments,” Reid complained. “We just haven’t been able to work through this legislative morass."

The SBA funding bill is in its fourth week pending in the Senate. Although it is fairly non-controversial, senators from both parties have taken advantage of the open amendment process to file more than 125 amendments — of which only about 20 are germane.

To avoid time-consuming votes on those amendments and allow the bill to proceed, senators offering them must agree to combine or drop their requests, Reid argues.

“We have spent more than enough time on this bill,” he added.

The Small Business Reauthorization Act, or S. 493, would provide funding for the Small Business Innovation Research program and the Small Business Technology Transfer program, which Democrats say would create jobs.