"It took real courage to assume the many risks associated with putting boots on the ground, and I strongly commend the president for it," he added.

But McCain also credited Obama’s predecessor, former President George W. Bush, for setting the wheels in motion for killing the leader of al Qaeda.

"I would be remiss if I did not also thank President Bush and the many officials who labored with him for eight years to do what has now been done,” said McCain. “I know that it is one of President Bush's regrets that he could not eliminate bin Laden on his watch, but he and his team should take solace in the knowledge that they laid the foundation for Sunday's operation." 

Obama announced Sunday night that bin Laden had been killed in a firefight in Pakistan by U.S. special forces in a compound near the country's capital city. 

The Senate, on Tuesday, unanimously passed a resolution to honor all of those involved in the lead-up and execution of Sunday's operation.