"It was not the first time around Jericho that the horns of Joshua and his army brought down the walls, if I recall my Bible correctly," said Whitehouse. "It was seven times around those walls before they came tumblin' down."

According the Torah, Joshua led the ancient Israelites in a battle against the high-walled city of Jericho in his conquest of Canaan near modern-day Israel. As the story goes, Joshua led the Israelites to march around the exterior of the Jericho seven-times before the walls finally collapsed  delivering him a complete military victory over the city.

If Durbin brings the DREAM Act to the floor later this year, it would be at least the sixth attempt to get the legislation passed in the Senate since he first introduced it 10 years ago. The act has come up for a vote twice; each time, it received a majority of votes, but fell short of 60 needed to overcome a Republican filibuster.

“I promise I will never give up this fight,” Durbin famously said after the measure failed 55-41 in its latest vote in December.