In particularly Paul objected to a provision that allows the federal government automatic access to wire-transfers on sums that exceed $5,000.

"The hell they aren't private," exclaimed Paul referring to the banking records. "They should be private.  If you look at my Visa records you can tell if I go to the doctor, what kind of medication I take and what kind of books I order from Amazon."

"Do we want a government that's looking at all our visa bills and seeing what our reading habits are?" Paul asked. "Do we really want an all-encompassing government that is looking at every record from top to the bottom and invading our privacy?"

The Patriot Act renewal legislation, which is being voted on in the Senate Monday night, would extend the ability of U.S. intelligence authorities to conduct roving wiretaps, gain access to business records and survey "lone-wolf" operators, non-U.S. citizens not connected to organized terror groups but believed to be acting alone. These authorities expire at the end of this week.

Both liberal Democrats and conservative Republicans have expressed concerns about the bill, arguing the provisions violate civil liberties.

The bill will need at least 60 votes to proceed in the legislative process.