Inspired by the senators’ from Massachusetts revelry over the Boston Bruin’s Stanley Cup victory, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) shared his own harrowing brush with the sport of ice hockey from the Senate floor on Thursday.

“My most harrowing, one of my most difficult, scariest experiences of my life, there was a time when — still do— Las Vegas had a minor league hockey team, and I was asked to go out in the middle of that ice and drop a puck,” said Reid who noted he had been raised in the desert far from ice and snow.

“To walk out on that ice was my only heroism in hockey, my own heroism in convincing myself I should go out there,” said Reid.

Reid gently mocked himself for a tumble he took while on a jog in Washington earlier this year.

“I don't do very well, as indicated when a few weeks ago I slipped and fell and dislocated my shoulder on regular dirt,” said Reid.

That fall left the former amateur boxer with a bruised eye and a dislocated shoulder.