Corker was responding to Reid, who on Thursday morning spent several minutes drubbing the junior senator from Tennessee for comments he made in which he said the Senate wasn’t working hard enough and that the Economic Development Revitalization Act (EDA), which was killed by Republicans in a procedural vote, was only taken up by Democratic leadership to fill time.

"They killed our fourth jobs bill this year," Reid said, referring to the EDA bill. "It seems Republicans don't care about putting Americans back to work."

“I take it very seriously when a Republican senator says putting thousands of people back to work is a waste of time," Reid said. 

But Corker reiterated that Democratic leadership was moving slowly and without purpose in order to waste the Senate’s time.

“So I know he is embarrassed,” Corker said.  “I know he is defensive and I understand that. But I still stand by the essence of what I said yesterday… that this body has not and does not do the serious work the Senate should do.”