No votes are planned in the Senate on Monday, and the upper chamber is loosely scheduled this week to resume consideration of S. 679, a bill that would reform the presidential appointment process. Several amendments are pending to that bill, but it's unclear which will come up.

Last week, a unanimous consent agreement was reached to have the Senate vote on passage of the bill at some point, and that it needs 60 votes.

After that, the Senate will proceed to consider S.Res. 116, a resolution providing for expedited Senate consideration of certain presidential nominations.

Senators also agreed to allow Sen. Tom CoburnTom Coburn'Path of least resistance' problematic for Congress Freedom Caucus saved Paul Ryan's job: GOP has promises to keep Don't be fooled: Carper and Norton don't fight for DC MORE (R-Okla.) to offer an amendment to that resolution aimed at ending duplicative government programs. Coburn was originally trying to offer this amendment to S. 679, but withdrew it last week as part of this agreement.

The House is out, and returns next week.