“The leadership in the Senate offered a nonbinding resolution designed solely to score some cheap political points that will jazz up the activist left to demagogic class warfare against individuals with high incomes,” Hatch warned. “I guarantee you, if we raise taxes, my friends on the other side will spend every dime of it.” 

“That's how they kept themselves in power and claiming that they're helping the poor,” he accused.

Hatch went on to contrast his own views of personal property and economic theory against the views he perceives his liberal colleagues hold.

“Liberals think that all of the money that you earn belongs to the government — that you have no independent right to the fruit of your own labors because only by big government are you ever able to make something of yourself,” Hatch said.

“But the American people are the ones that earn their money through their ideas, their risk and their labor,” said Hatch, describing his own views. “Only by your consent is the government permitted to take some of it in taxation to pay for certain public goods.”