Hatch went on to accuse Democrats of engaging in “class warfare” and said he wanted to know which luxury products they would target next for tax hikes.

“What are we going to get next week?” asked Hatch. "A tax on monocles and top hats? Maybe we will spend next week debating a nonbinding resolution on the need to tax madras blazers for the good of the country?"

Starting last week Democrats began to focus their rhetoric on raising taxes on millionaires and eliminating tax breaks on luxury items such as private jets, race horses and yachts.

Hatch said Democrats’ attempt to wage class warfare had sunk to new lows in recent days.

“I never underestimate liberals’ lack of respect for the intelligence of the American people, but this is a new low,” he said. 

Following Hatch's speech, the Senate floor remained quiet for much of Thursday afternoon until it adjourned for the week just before 6 p.m.