Hatch complained that Americas tax system already shares the wealth, and suggested taxes ought to be brought down further. 

“We have got a situation here where a minority of the people in this country are supporting everybody else,” Hatch said. “The only way to solve that is to bring tax rates down and spread the base so that more people participate.”

Hatch also criticized what he called “a welfare mentality.”

“Youve got millions of people that wont even look for a job now,” he said. “Theres something wrong there. We want to get them working so they can pay taxes. Thats how you do it. You get them working, you spread the base, you get people so that they want to contribute. When you do that youll have a lot more revenues coming in with lower taxes.” 

The debt-ceiling deal signed into law earlier in the month established a bipartisan, bicameral supercommittee of 12 legislators.

The panel is charged with putting together a $1.5 trillion deficit-reduction package.

The overall debt-limit agreement cuts federal deficits by nearly $1 trillion over 10 years while raising the debt ceiling by at least $2.1 trillion through 2012.