“The unilateral action of the P.A. is intended to circumvent the peace process," said Barrasso from the Senate floor. "It is not a good faith effort to achieve peace in the Middle East... rather it is a political maneuver."

Barrasso then called for the U.S to immediately terminate assistance funds it supplies to the PA each year, and for a severe reduction in funding to the UN if statehood is recognized.

“Today I call on Congress to terminate funding assistance to the PA,” he said. “I believe that Congress must also evaluate and significantly cut funding to the United Nations if any change to the status of the PA is approved by the general assembly.

The president of the PA and chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization, Mahmoud Abbas, has indicated he intends to ask the UN to make  Palestine full member of the organization, which amount to a de facto recognition of statehood. This upgrade in status would require Security Council approval and a two-thirds majority of the General Assembly.