Hatch legislation would strip UN funding if it recognizes Palestinian statehood

“If the UN votes to harm our trusted ally ... this legislation would require termination of funds to the U.N.,” said Hatch. “[R]ecognition of Palestinian statehood would undermine the peace process and some have questioned its legality."

Hatch added that such a move would undermine the U.N. as a “good-faith actor."

Hatch’s bill, called the Solidarity with Israel Act, is designed to “deter the Security Council from recommending Palestine become a new member state” and also to “discourage the General Assembly from upgrading Palestine’s status.”

Hatch argued from the Senate floor that any such recognition would cripple attempts to forge a lasting peace.

“The sole means for creating a lasting enduring peace … is through direct negotiations,” he said.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is expected to address the U.N. General Assembly on Friday and submit his application for statehood recognition to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon.

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