“It’s much like saying we’ve got a long-term plan for dealing with a patient, but first we have to stabilize this patient,” Durbin continued. "The problem we have is there is a mindset in Washington that says before you do anything else, cut spending.”

During his stop in Aurora, Ill., Durbin also took the time to push for President Obama’s job’s legislation. So far, Democratic leadership, of which Durbin is a member, has shown a reluctance to pull it down to the Senate floor. 

In particular, Durbin highlighted the part of the plan that would provide cuts in payroll taxes on workers and small businesses. 

“That, to me, says to a small business it’s worth giving (a new employee) a chance,” Durbin said of the extra funds small businesses would be allowed to keep as a result of the cuts. 

Regardless, Durbin acknowledged there is “no silver bullet” to fix the still-foundering economy.