“Absolutely,” said Hutchison when radio host Matt Patrick of KTRH News Talk 740 Houston asked her if our “biggest threat” is the continued presence of the healthcare law.

“If he [President Obama] wants to create jobs, we don't need more spending; we don't need more stimulus,” continued Hutchison. “We need to cut back on regulations; we need to stop implementing ObamaCare, and tell our business people what they can expect, so that they will be able to start hiring people.”

The law is currently in legal limbo as several courts around the nation have ruled some of its components violate the Constitution. Although the Obama administration on Thursday requested that the Supreme Court settle the matter, Hutchison complained that the glacial pace of the nation's highest court would ensure uncertainy far into next year.

“Quick [by Supreme Court standards] would be sometime maybe in late spring next year,” said Hutchison of the anticipated decision. “That would be a kind of Supreme Court quick time. And so we will have another probably six months of this: not knowing if that individual mandate is unconstitutional, which the 11th Circuit says that it is.”