The partisan environment in Washington is hampering Congress’s ability to deal with long-term issues, the centrist-Republican suggested, and is, in part, responsible for the deflating economy and soaring unemployment numbers.

"The greatest thing we can do as a country ... to really get job creation going is to deal with our long-term issues," said Corker. "Let's show the American people in a bipartisan way that we have the ability to actually go bigger, and that'll create more confidence, I think, in the future of our country than anything (else) that we can do."

In his speech, delivered before about 20 students at Austin Peay State University Thursday morning, Corker encouraged both parties to make small compromises in order to meet in the middle.

"To me, the best kind of legislation in this country is the kind where you lose 10 on the right and you lose 10 on the left and you have 80 in the middle to support it," said Corker. "It didn't happen in health care. It didn't happen in financial reform."