Brown, speaking about the pending Chinese currency bill, noted that senators who have spoken against the bill have been mostly conservative Republicans and then equated those dissenting voices with the Chinese government.

“It bothers me when I see American politicians… mimic exactly what the Chinese Communist Party officials are saying, said Brown. "Their government is saying, ‘trade war, trade war.” 

Several of the Republicans who took to the floor this week to oppose the pending legislation, which is designed to strong-arm the Chinese government to stop devaluing its currency, raised the specter of a “trade war” with the U.S.’s largest trading if the bill were to become law.

 “This is not a trade war,” Brown countered.

Brown went on to say that he’s heard lawmakers opposed to the legislation, for which he is the floor manager cry, “trade war, trade war, trade war, trade war,” and noted it “echoes the words of the People’s Bank of China and it echoes the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, it echoes the words of the Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Communist Party of the People’s Republic of China.”

Brown later, however, amended his view of the trade conflict between the two superpowers,  admitting that the U.S. is in fact in a trade war with China, but saying that the China had started the the fight bydealing with its currency dishonestly.