Reid was assailing Republicans over their anticipated filibuster of the latest installment of Obama’s jobs plan that would dedicate $50 billion in federal funds for the purpose of improving infrastructure. Republicans and some Democrats are expected to block that measure over the pay-for mechanism that would raise taxes on millionaires.

Reid argued, however, that the tax hike is minimal and would hardly affect those paying it. For example, someone earning $1.1 million a year would pay a 0.7 percent tax on $100,000 earned above one million, which would come out to about $700, Reid said. 

"Asking someone making, for example, $1.1 million, to contribute a few dollars more every year shouldn't be one of our tough choices. It should be a so-called no-brainer,” said Reid. “Yet while Democrats fight for the middle class, it seems Republicans fight for the 1 percent of Americans who have every resource available to fight for themselves."

Reid also claimed broad bipartisan support for the infrastructure-related sections of the bill, claiming at one point that both the Tea Party and the “world” supported the breakaway bill.

“The Tea Party is even in favor of this … the world supports what we are trying to do,” claimed Reid. “The world inside this body though, the 47 Republicans who are trying to stop us with their obstructionist tactics, are not going to allow what Americans want and know we need.”

That bill, S.1769, was introduced in the Senate Monday and is sponsored by Sen. Amy KlobucharAmy KlobucharDrug importation from other countries will save dollars and lives Top antitrust senators call for Sessions to scrutinize AT&T-Time Warner merger Senate advances Trump's Commerce pick MORE (D-Minn.), Reid and a number of other Democratic senators. The Senate will likely move to that legislation by Tuesday afternoon.