Before laying down the challenge, Reid listed the jobs packages that Republicans have blocked so far this year, which he said has cost the economy hundreds of thousands of jobs. 

“Now we will see if Republican lawmakers are willing to put jobs for veterans at risk as well," said Reid. "I certainly hope they are not. I hope they will join us."

So far Reid has been unable to lure a single Republican to cross party lines in a series of votes on elements of the "bipartisan" jobs bill President Obama presented to Congress in the summer. 

The veterans bill, like the Democratic proposals that came before it, is designed to lure at least nominal Republican support. In particular this bill would provide businesses with a “Returning Heroes” tax credit for 2012-2013 of about $2,400 for hiring an unemployed veteran. The legislation also includes a two-year extension of the “Wounded Warriors” tax credit, which gives companies that hire disabled veterans a $4,800 credit.

Reid plans to attach that veterans plan to a piece of Republican legislation that will see a vote later today that would repeal the 3 percent withholding provision on contracts made with governments.